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The bumper corner CG50

Corner bump vinyl, on a budget to protect the corners from bumps. This bumper will fit in any room where there are no gurneys. The perfect solution to protect the corners in reception areas, offices, classrooms and any passing zones. As well as due to its antibacterial characteristics, these bumpers are suitable for medical centers and is a popular choice protect the corners from wear and tear of interior trim.


  • Vinyl profile 2 mm
  • Aluminum profile
  • Plug


  • To determine the point the height of the protective element for the corner.
  • Default ARFEN supplies a 3-meter items vinyl and aluminum, so once is enough to cut and frame and vinyl, and get two ready-made elements by 1.5 m to protect the two corners. Generally above 1.5 m, protection of the angles is not needed. Note: to clearly Cut at 90 degrees.
  • To cut aluminum profile in size.
  • When installing on plasterboard walls and brick-drill holes first in aluminum, and then through the wall.
  • Or mount the frame above the floor according to the thickness of the lower stub or mount the protective frame from the floor, tearing the baseboard in the corner. In the latter case, the bottom plug is not necessary; Drywall: 4x50 mm screw, mounting to the profile of the drywall. Concrete wall: 4x50 mm screws and 6 anchors. Brick: 4x50 mm screw and a 6mm dowel. Install the plugs.
  • Measure and cut vinyl molding to conform to plugs note: bottom plugs Without aluminium should fit snugly to the floor below vinyl trim didn't come down.
  • Install vinyl on an aluminum frame. Important: Store material in a clean and dry place at a temperature between 10 ° C - 40 ° C.

Note: This model has a complete set of only finite elements.


Model Profile length Profile width Profile thickness Angle begree Number of shock-absorbing inserts The final element Number of possible colors
CG50 3 m 50x50 mm 10 mm 90° - WG012 5 colors*
CG51 3 m 53.6x53.6 mm 12 mm 90° - WG037 5 colors*
CG76 3 m 76x76 mm 10 mm 90° - WG008 5 colors*
CG76A 3 m 76x76 mm 10 mm 135° - WG009 5 colors*

* the entire color palette consists of 32 colors and is available when ordering from 300 m.p. of each item