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Bump stop-grab handle DC140

DC140 a Bumper for protection of walls with handrail for hospital outpatient clinics

Bump stop-grab handle specially designed for hospital departments with high traffic of carts and people. Has two functions as a protection wall and the rail to adhere the clinic. This system is equipped with external as transition elements and inner that allows you to mount the bumper at the perimeter of the room a single tape and it is a great design and functional solution.


  • Vinyl profile 2 mm
  • Aluminum profile
  • Rubber insert tha
  • Plug left\right
  • The outer corner
  • Internal angle


  1. Before installation it is necessary to measure the required length of the aluminum support profile, after cut off required length.
  2. Mark and drill holes for mounting in the aluminum carrier profile with a diameter of 6-6,5 mm. Mounting rails of the fenders is made by the dowels of the following types, which are not included in the package:
    • the base of brick dowel 10х60 (80), screws 6х160
    • the base of the concrete dowel 10х60, screws 6х160
    • the base of the drywall anchor, Molly bolts 6х140
  3. In the next step, you need to drill holes in the wall with the punch (based on 2 brackets at 1 m/n, but not more than 600 mm between supports). For marking use aluminium carrier profile with a pre-prepared mounting holes as a template.
  4. To make installation of structural aluminium profile, alternately putting the brackets in front of the holes and securing loosely with screws or bolts to the respective dowel.
  5. Cut the required length of the inner absorber and fix it in a groove, which is located in the aluminum carrier profile.
  6. Final fixation screws (bolts) aluminum supporting profile is done after setting all the transition and the closing elements (plugs, corners).
  7. Setting all the transition and the closing elements (plugs, corners) to the aluminium prole using the self-drilling screws 3,9х16 DIN 7504 N.
  8. After performing all the above actions, it is necessary to produce the final fixation of the aluminium profile with screws (bolts) to the base of the walls previously exposed in its mounting position.
  9. Make the cutting to size and installation of decorative vinyl overlays.
  10. When the length of straight sections more than 4 m/n, installation of the aluminium supporting profile and vinyl trim strips necessary to make the butt-to-butt extension and a min of 100 mm.
Model The length of the profile Profile width The thickness of the profile The number of shock absorbing inserts Plug left Plug right The outer corner Internal corner Bracket The number of possible colors
DC140 4 m 140 mm 75 mm 1 DC006-1 DC006-2 DC007-2 DC007-1 DC005 5 colors*